Friands are a small French cake made with ground almonds, a little flour, icing sugar, egg whites and, of course being French, butter! The result is a very light sponge that’s wonderfully moist and totally delicious.

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Brighten up these dull days with this zingy nutritious salad. Ultra healthy spelt grain, finely sliced crunchy fennel, zesty oranges, aromatic roasted spiced baby carrots and rocket leaves. This is a salad with texture, flavour and attitude!

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Tomato, Coconut and Harissa Soup


This silky smooth tomato soup has a surprising twist thanks to the addition of warming spice and rich coconut and is the perfect bowl of goodness for chilly Autumn days.

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Chargrilled Vegetable and Hummus sandwich


At Baxter & Greene we love thinking outside the box when it comes to lunchtime choices as we know how important it is to have a tasty and filling midday meal.

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Minestrone soup with fine herb oil


This chunky, warming soup is satisfying and nutritious, full to the brim with brightly coloured vegetables and finished with fresh and aromatic herb oil. It is the perfect dish for a weekend lunch with friends as it is quick and easy to prepare.

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Red Quinoa, Baby Kale, Beetroot, and Rocket Salad


This colourful, seasonal salad packs a strong nutritional punch. Delicate slices of beetroot and tender stems of baby kale offer an incredible amount of vitamin goodness while a simple dressing of oil, vinegar and mustard helps to bring out the summery flavour of these distinctive ingredients.

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Fish Pie


With a rich creamy sauce, enveloping chunks of tender fish and topped off with soft fluffy mash, this is comfort food at its finest and a real favourite at our café. Thanks to our ethos of creating wholesome food from scratch, a spoonful of this fish pie is sure to conjure happy memories of home cooking and family meals.

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Shaved Asparagus, Puy Lentil and Wild Garlic Salad with Goat’s Cheese


Puy lentils make a filling base for this wholesome and nutritious dish. Thanks to their earthy taste and satisfying texture they are a perfect match for the distinctive flavour of seasonal asparagus shoots.

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Carrot, Wild Garlic and Bean Soup


At Baxter & Greene we are proud to create a wide variety of nutritious soups that are bursting with flavour. In our café we have a long list of recipes for warming soups that we turn to again and again, however, if a fresh and exciting seasonal ingredient presents itself, we cannot resist experimenting.

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Tomato Salad


Nothing says summer more than bright red tomatoes bursting with flavour. This vibrant salad celebrates the fact that quality ingredients need only a few simple flourishes to be transformed into a very special dish.

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